Wednesday, 29 April 2009

New Artist: Narbi Price

No photo for this post, we were so busy in the shop shooting plates and making an initial proof that it clear slipped my mind to take any. There will more chance over the next few weeks to resolve the situation.

When making a print with a new artist there is always a learning curve for both parties and this is true for this first project with Narbi. Through initial discussions it was decided for time commitments that initial work would take in Narbi's studio, at Newcastle University where he is a MFA student. We shall be trying to convince him to draw on some of our rocks in the future, but for the nature of this first project, drawing on film was the best course of action.

More information on the project soon. Until then you can view some of Narbi's paintings on the Newcastle Artists Society website. Also visit pages for bands that he is in - Chippewa Falls and Me and the Twins.

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