Wednesday, 2 March 2011

New Artist: Simon Woolham

I first meet Simon Woolham perhaps four years ago when were on the same Trivial Pursuit team, it must have been a good night as neither one of us can remember if we were on the winning team.

Simon kindly supported last years 5th Birthday Draw by designing one of the tickets, 'Land of Chairs.'

Along with his wife Hannah and six month old Ava, they ventured back to the North East and over the last week there has been much catching up with friends as well as hard graft in the workshop. Simon took to drawing on the stones like a duck to water, happily switching from his trusty biro for litho pencils. During the week five pieces were produced, 'At the Edge,' 'Over the Edge,' 'Do Yourself a Favour,' 'The Receivers' and 'Suspect Device.' You can see a sneak peek of these in the last image.

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