Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Nicola Farr - Work Experience Photo Diary

With GCSE exams completed it was time for a spot of work experience for Nicola Farr. We are very happy that Nicola wanted to spend some time with us before enjoying the summer holidays and prior to A Levels beginning in September. Tasks includes, letterpress printing our new stationary, graining stones, assisting at the press and being the artist & printer, as well as seeing the start, middle & end of some projects. For sure there was much coffee and tea to be enjoyed with a mighty fine pastry or three.

Rachael Kidd has continued to be in the shop after completing Fine Art Level 2 at Newcastle University, making light work of the pile of Ray Richardson stones that needed to be resurfaced, before heading away for holidays.

Fellow Tamarind trained printer Linsay Croall from Peacock Visual Arts joined us and helped out with the proofing of a few runs for Chris Burden's piece 'A Man Free World.' How good it was to be able to have three people working on the press at the same time, the joys of ample space.

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