Friday, 2 August 2019

Mark Bletcher - signing

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Posted @withrepost • @markbletcher Editioned two new original lithographs today with @holeeditions 'The Chessmen Ride West (edition of 14)' & 'Wrestle With the Devil (edition of 12) These prints will be released on the 3rd of September at @the_storey_lancaster in conjunction with myself and @abihampsey upcoming exhibition for £120 If you would like to preorder a print please contact me for more details. The Chessmen Ride West- This original lithograph is based on the Lewis Chessmen, a set of playing pieces found on the Isle of Lewis. This chess set was crafted in 12th century Scandinavia and currently resides at The British Museum. I’ve been fascinated by this collection of gaming pieces for a long time and this print depicts a pair of the knights from the set. A mix of fantasy and reality, present and past, this print explores this fantastic collection by reimagining them in an altogether new, fantastical narrative. Wrestle With the Devil - This hand finished, original lithograph is a wild and unashamedly bizarre print that explores the past and the present though marginalia. Many medieval manuscripts have what is called ‘marginalia’, this consisted of depictions of devils and creatures on the margins of documents. These where created by the scribes for various reasons; out of play, boredom or sometimes practice. Based on medieval depictions of devils, this print depicts an infernal creature grappling with a faceless figure, however the creature is depicted in vivid modern colors such as highlighter prink, biro blue and a toxic green to explore the contemporary aesthetics of marginalia. It celebrates the strange, playful and pulp nature of drawings that are too often hidden in the margins.
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