Sunday, 30 May 2010

The 5th Birthday Prize Draw & Winners

That's it folks the 5th Birthday Prize Draw has been and gone. Everyone who took part is a winner, some more than others, congratulations!!

It's been great fun all in all and the party last night was the icing on the cake. It was looking like the weather wasn't going to play nice, but the rain did eventually cease as the guests began to arrive. On-line ticket sales were stopped at 6.30pm but sales in person happened until just before the draw. Courtesy of Brian Degger we were able to stream the draw almost live and it was thrilling to hear that people did watch the draw from afar. When it works technology is great.

Five artists kindly designed the tickets for the draw and the money raised from sales will be going towards projects with these artists. Big thanks also go to all the people that helped sell the tickets and bigger thanks to everyone who bought tickets, your support is golden.

So who won and which prizes did they win. Here you go in no particular order:

Andrew Wilson, Toes > Jeff Beekman
Black Static of Summer CD > Zoe Anderson
Darren Banks, Blob 21 > Ewan MacDonald
Todd Anderson, Midland Drifts 7 > Claire Pyle
Jock Mooney, Awk! Awk! > Craig Dugan
Narbi Price, Untitled (Wall) > Zoe Anderson
Andrew Wilson, Peas > Sharon Lee
Erika Adams, Provenance > Matt Hearn
Graham Firth, Another Traffic Jam > Linsay Croall & Adam Proctor
Draw a Line, Follow It Book > Allan Barnfather
Love Hate Book > Mely Mitchell
Lee Turner, Pathé > Laurence Sillars

It should be noted that Nick Kennedy and Rachel Clewlow did win the Draw a Line, Follow it book but since it is the book they produced, they kindly offered a redraw.

Good fun, good times I hope you all enjoyed the event as we did. All being well we will hold another draw in a couple of years.

Photo Credit: Brian Degger

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