Wednesday, 29 April 2009

New Artist: Narbi Price

No photo for this post, we were so busy in the shop shooting plates and making an initial proof that it clear slipped my mind to take any. There will more chance over the next few weeks to resolve the situation.

When making a print with a new artist there is always a learning curve for both parties and this is true for this first project with Narbi. Through initial discussions it was decided for time commitments that initial work would take in Narbi's studio, at Newcastle University where he is a MFA student. We shall be trying to convince him to draw on some of our rocks in the future, but for the nature of this first project, drawing on film was the best course of action.

More information on the project soon. Until then you can view some of Narbi's paintings on the Newcastle Artists Society website. Also visit pages for bands that he is in - Chippewa Falls and Me and the Twins.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Rachel Lancaster:

Recently it has been technically difficult to add new work to the main website, something to do with webcams and ftp functionality being turned off. With great relief the problems have now been resolved.

Rachel Lancaster's artist page has now been added to the website. Click to visit the page and see her lithographs.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

New Artist: Mark Dion

It is a great pleasure to welcome Mark Dion to Hole Editions. Dion will be the first of five artists in a portfolio to be co-published with Locus+. He is over in the UK installing a piece at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art as part of the group show "A Duck For Mr. Darwin." So we appreciate the fact that during his busy schedule he has made time to come along to the workshop to work on this print with us.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

New Artist: Alex Charrington

Patience is a good thing and can be rewarded. It's over a year ago that we had our first studio visits to discuss potential projects. A busy schedule for both parties has delayed the commencement of work. So we are pleased to have Alex come by the workshop today to have further discussions, shoot some test plates and draw a test stone (see above image: Alex laying down a tusche wash).

Here are some word from the Journal:

ALEX Charrington is a 2005 fine art graduate from Newcastle University. He works from a studio in Byker, Newcastle, and has exhibited his work in a variety of spaces including Baltic (You Shall Know Our Velocity, 2006), The Bridge Gallery, and London’s Drawing Room.

His first solo exhibition, New Adventures in Robotic Watercolour Painting was unveiled at Newcastle’s Globe City Gallery in February 2008.

The pieces were produced in collaboration with a robotics engineer to make large scale spirograph paintings using an automated manipulator designed for the manufacturing industry.

Alex has also worked with Commissions North and The Sponsors Club for Arts and Business, to complete two large-scale public art commissions for Gateshead College and Newcastle Building society.

He is influenced by artists and painting techniques of the past and interested in systematic and controlled ways of working. He says: “As an artist I aim to make work that engages and challenges the perceptions of a broad audience."

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Todd Anderson: Midland Drifts

In January 2009, Todd Anderson visited Hole Editions, a small suite of seven lithographs were created - Midland Drifts. These can now be viewed on the Runout Press website. Although not currently available, reservations can be made. Full details will be available in the near future.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Print Awards

The 2009 Print Awards is the centrepiece of the Northern Print Biennale. It is an open submission prize for British and international artists. The Awards are open to all artists whose work encounters print. Works in any medium will be considered and is not restricted to 2 or 3 dimensional works. Exhibitions of approximately 50 selected artists will be shown across three major Newcastle upon Tyne venues; Hatton Gallery, Laing Art Gallery and Northern Print from June to October 2009.

For full details of how to enter, entry forms and FAQs contact the project coordinators Parker Harris

t. 01372 462190

Artists programme at the Great Hall, Discovery Museum

Opportunity for artists to make an impressive, large scale new work that challenges perceptions of printmaking

Click here for more information