Thursday, 18 June 2015

Lothar Götz | Monoprints

It was back in December 2014 when Lothar came back to the workshop. Over the course of a few days we collaborated on the elements for Correction and a series of 34 monoprints, Mirror Image. Below are images of the monoprints being created and also a couple of installation shots (courtesy of Domobaal) of the exhibition currently at Domobaal, until the end of August.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Carry Akroyd | New contract artist

Carry Akroyd drawing separations for Moon Hedge, 1st April.

Editioning Bounce & Dusk, with assistance from Linsay Proctor, 23rd March.

Carry Akroyd signing Bounce, 13th June.



Pale River

Moon Hedge

Monday, 8 June 2015

RA Summer Exhibition

There were a handful of rejections in the first round of judging for this years Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition. While Two by George Shaw (Fuck Me Fuck You Tree & Fuck You Fuck Me Tree), two by Gordon Close (Pike Hill and A Bird in the Hand (or the Green Couch)) and one by Anne Desmet RA (Magna Carta) made it on to the walls. Here a couple of instagram found images of George's and Gordon's lithographs in the hang.

8th June - 16th August

George Shaw, Fuck Me Fuck You Tree & Fuck You Fuck Me Tree
Photo credit: @eurokeith
Gordon Close, Pike Hill and A Bird in the Hand (or the Green Couch)
Photo credit: @hilarymaeallen