Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Lee Turner | Transfer lithographs

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Lee Turner | Transfer paper tests

Making litho transfer paper | Drawings on the papers | transfer of the drawings to stones.

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Drawings have been transferred to stones. I’m pleased that I started with the practice slivers (last pic) as they helped blow away the cobwebs. There was a difference in how each of the papers released. The one for ‘Max’ was a pain and the paper stuck some, the pieces were eventually removed. On now with the next part of the process. I’m following the instructions in the @tamarindinstitute techniques book. With longer times between steps because of the number of stones and not being in a hurry. Slow and steady as you go. . . #litho #lithography #stonelitho #stonelithography #transferlithograph #transferlithography #litho_transfer_paper #transfer_paper #boysnamesinsigns #boysnamesin3dsigns #namesinsigns #drawing #drawings #printmaking

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