Saturday, 26 June 2010

Carrie Kaser & Print Zero 7

On Sunday I had a little trip down to London to catch up with some fellow Tamarind people. Marjorie Devon came over to speak at a symposium at Seacourt Print Workshop in Belfast, but failing to be able to make the trip over to Belfast, a long coach ride down to the big smoke was the next best thing. I met up with Carrie Kaser first, then Sharon Lee, later meeting up with Linsay Croall, Marge & Ellie Lamb for some great Thai food in Soho and good conversation.

Carrie came up to Newcastle on Monday to help me out in the workshop, assisting the editioning of a new print for the Print Zero Exchange 7. A seven run litho, sister to the 'Circus' piece made for the 6th exchange.

On Tuesday Carrie continued to assist while also beginning work on her print, 'Ten City Buses,' for the exchange. This was drawn, proofed and editioned in the same long day, with signing and packing taking place on Wednesday before she headed off to Edinburgh.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Geordie Shepherd: Olic

In 2007 Geordie Shepherd came over form Canada to create three works which are part of his 'Olic' series. Available now is his self publish book on his 'Olic People.'

"Olic is an artistic and literary exploration of the Olic People, their life philosophy, world and times, written and drawn through the eyes and voice of a later-age cultural researcher."

In my final year of University I conceived of a drawing project based upon the voyage of characters based within a fictional culture. Inspired by my studies in anthropology, mythology, and sociology, I decided to create a handmade “ethnographic” tome. From this original text, my practice has continued to bridge gaps between narrative, fantasy, text and drawing, as exemplified by the Traveling Pottery Box, the Olic drawing series, numerous ceramic vessels and, most recently, The Traveling Boxes.

Olic (2010) is a written and illustrated 84-page book that is available from Lulu self-publishing press in three formats: Paperback, hardcover and e-book.

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